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Why »signolux« is now called »lisa-signolux«

Our motivation to develop a second domestic signalling system for our range in addition to the classic lisa was obvious: we wanted to retain the basic lisa concept, but at the same time offer a system ›programmed for the future‹ that meets the contemporary and future need for more flexibility and convenience. This required a new fundamental technical basis. We therefore launched »signolux« in 2015.

For many years, the term ›lisa‹ had established itself as a synonym for signalling systems among potential users.

However, the system is based on technology that is now ›getting on in years‹. However, we want to ensure that lisa components remain available, compatible and expandable in the long term. Therefore, in the interests of all lisa customers, we will continue to use the existing lisa technology unchanged, even if it does not have the potential to fulfil the extended contemporary requirements.

Renaming of signolux

The new name »lisa-signolux« stands for the fact that we have ›moulded‹ the familiar signalling tasks of the lisa idea into a technically new, future-oriented system that offers users a clear increase in application individuality and convenience over many years. Last but not least, »lisa-signolux« also reflects numerous customer requests that we have received.

For example, in addition to the familiar light pulses, illuminated symbols and/or vibrations, events can also be signalled by means of differentiated, individually selectable tone or sound sequences and various real sounds.

For this reason, we recommend relying on the convincing advantages of the white »lisa-signolux« when purchasing a new domestic signalling system.

Convenient, simple, clear and versatile

The receivers automatically recognise lisa-signolux transmitters and assign the signal displays according to the standard events - for example the ringing of the house and/or flat doorbell, the telephone ringtone, baby call, personal calls and alarms. This also applies to the expansion of existing lisa-signolux configurations with new transmitters and receivers. With the »Automatic transmitter recognition« function as standard from the beginning of 2023.

The radio range of the transmitters is up to 200 metres! The individual coupling of the devices with each other also results in a very high number of different radio channels - interference from neighbouring lisa-signolux systems is almost completely ruled out. The radio frequency used is 868.425 MHz.

Customised programming

A simple programming process allows users to adapt the type of signalling of the respective transmitter to their individual requirements.

lisa-signolux components are available in the housing colours white and bronze-metallic (note: transmitters and receivers in bronze-metallic will be discontinued by the end of 2024)

Please note: lisa-signolux and the classic lisa each work with different radio transmission methods. Therefore, »signolux« and »lisa« devices are not compatible with each other!

Exceptions are the vibration cushion, switching, flash and acoustic module and the »iBell« mobile phone alarm.


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