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The lisa RF system

The lisa RF system leaves you free to move around. You can carry a battery-operated portable receiver around in your pocket or clip it to your clothes. No matter where you are, inside or outside the house, the lisa signals will reach you reliably by radio transmission. 

The receivers indicate the source of the signal with coloured LEDs.

For people with impaired hearing, lisa alerting signals have been time-tested over decades - they are designed especially for times when hearing aids are not worn, for example at night. For this reason, the lisa product range also encompasses flashing and vibrating alarm clocks with the full functions of a lisa RF receiver.

How your lisa RF system works:

  1. Signal source, e.g. doorbell
  2. Acoustic or direct galvanic connection to the lisa RF transmitter
  3. The lisa RF transmitter sends the information by radio frequency to the receivers
  4. For example: Transmission to the portable vibrating receiver
  5. For example: Transmission to the RF blinking lamp with rechargeable battery
  6. For example: Transmission to the repeater (Transmitter/receiver unit for the extension of the effective signal range)

Quick setup

Installing a lisa system boils down to just a few actions: Connect the transmitter with the according sound source, switch on the receiver. The RF alerting system is ready in an instant.

Ready for expansion

lisa grows with your requirements. The lisa product range provides transmitters for all important signal sources. A large selection of receivers allow for receiving lisa information either in a portable or stationary fashion.

At your side

The portable vibrating receiver is either carried in your pockets or worn on belt or clothing by means of the inbuilt clip. This gives you unrestricted movement, for example to work in the garden or laying the table on the terrace. Strong vibration pulses inform you of your guests in front of your door.

Independent use of several lisa RF systems in close proximity

lisa supplies 10 different channels for signal transmission. This allows for several lisa systems to be used in the same building, for example in hotels or care homes. Multi-Channel-Transmitters can access all receivers at once - an important function for the transmission of alerts concerning the whole building.

lisa RF sets

lisa devices are not only available as single items but also as sets. These are ready-to-use system sets for smoke detection purposes or when being on travels, for example when staying in a hotel.


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