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The AMPLIDECT 595 U.L.E series

From September 2022 onwards, a restructuring of the Humantechnik telephone portfolio will take place, starting with the addition of the hearing aid-compatible DECT telephones of the Geemarc brand presented here:

AMPLIDECT 595 U.L.E cordless digital telephone with hearing amplification, emergency call function and all conveniences of contemporary telephony

AMPLIDECT 595-2 U.L.E Duo cordless telephone, features as AMPLIDECT595 U.L.E, but with additional handset and charging station


  • Hearing aid compatible via T-coil
  • Handset with large backlit buttons
  • Adjustable hearing gain up to +50dB (boost mode)
  • 3-level tone control
  • 9 direct dial keys
  • Hands-free function
  • Phone book for up to 50 name and number entries, 4 of which have voice prompts
  • VIP function: allows incoming calls only from numbers stored in the VIP directory (up to 50 numbers), even if call suppression is activated
  • Redial of the last 10 numbers dialled
  • Direct dial key to the phone book, menu on the handset
  •  Emergency call function / SOS key:
    • Up to four emergency call numbers programmable
    • Emergency call announcement:
      a) stored announcement in four selectable languages (German, English, French, Dutch)
      b) Recording option for individually spoken announcement
    • When the SOS call is accepted, the telephone switches to the microphone and hands-free function

To extend the AMPLIDECT595 U.L.E and AMPLIDECT595-2 U.L.E models, an additional handset with charging station is also available as an accessory.


Transmission range Indoors: 50m / Open area: 300m
Endurance Standby: approx. 100 hours***Use time: approx. 10 hours
###RF parameters  
Frequency 1,88 GHz to 1,9 GHz
Amount of channels 10
###Power supply  
Base Input 100-240 V, 50/60Hz***Output DC 6 V, 0.6A,3.6W adapter
Charging station Input 100-240 V, 50/60Hz***Output DC 6V, 0,45 A, 2,7 W adapter
Handset 3 batteries AAA 1,2V/600mAh NiMh rechargeable
###Ringtone level  
Base 80 dB at 1 metre distance
Handset 80 dB at 1 metre distance
AMPLIDECT 595-2 U.L.E Duo, cordless phone with additional handset
Additional handset for AMPLIDECT595 U.L.E and AMPLIDECT 595-2 U.L.E Duo

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