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>2»visuTone.air«2< The flashing doorbell set. Simple and inexpensive.

»visuTone.air« transmits events by radio and is ready for use 'in no time'. Two sets are available. Both contain a transmitter and an indicator unit (receiver). The indicator unit displays events clearly visible with a flash of light and/or an extra-loud sounds.

The practical indicator unit can be mounted on the wall or placed free-standing on furniture. It is battery-powered but can also be run on a power supply unit (available as accessory).

a) The »visuTone.air« set for the doorbell

The »visuTone.air« doorbell set contains the display unit (receiver) and a doorbell button with radio transmission function.

Users can attach the doorbell button, which is included in the set, next to - or instead of - the existing doorbell. When a visitor presses the button, it transmits the signal wirelessly to the receiver, which then will start to flash.

b) The »visuTone.air« set with acoustic transmitter for indicating sound sources

This »visuTone.air« set can pick up the sound generated by a device (for example an existing doorbell chime) and indicate it as soon as it occurs. The set contains the indicator unit (receiver) and a transmitter which features an acoustic sensor.

The acoustic sensor, which is attached to the transmitter, has a self-adhesive surface. This can be attached to any device which emitts sound. This way, it picks up the acoustic signal. When triggred by the sound, the transmitter sends a radio signal to the indicator device (receiver).

»visuTone.air« transmitters as separate accessories

A total of two transmitters can be paired with the indicator unit. Therefore the Acoustic Transmitter and the Telephone Transmitter are also available as separate optional accessories.

Simple and inexpensive

»visuTone.air« offers people with hearing loss a cost-effective solution for the visual/audible notification of events.


Power supply, receiver: 3 x 1,5 V Type C (R14)-batteries or via visuTone.air power supply unit (accessory)
Power supply, transmitter: 1x button cell type CR2032
Battery life, receiver: approx. 9 months (at 3 events per day)
Battery life, transmitter: approx. 12 months (at 3 events per day)
Visual alerting: Superbright power LEDs, illuminated door / telephone icon
Aural alerting: Doorbell chime, can be adjusted in volume and melody.
Volume: up to 100 dBA (at 100 cm distance)
Weight doorbell transmitter: 25 g
Weight receiver: 216 g (without batteries)
Dimensions: Receiver: H 145 x W 105 x D 52 mm***Doorbell transmitter: L 80 x B 32 x H 17mm
visuTone.air Wireless flashing doorbell set
visuTone.air Wireless flashing doorbell set with acoustic transmitter
visuTone.air telephone pickup transmitter
visuTone.air acoustic transmitter
visuTone.air doorbell button
Power supply for visuTone.air

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