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New telephone portfolio

Humantechnik is restructuring its telephone programme. After the phase-out of the previous telephone models this year, only remaining stocks of the latter are available.

The changeover to the Geemarc brand will take place from September 2022, starting with two DECT telephones.

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»guardion CO/temp« - combined carbon monoxide and heat detector for »lisa« and »signolux«

The application is designed for areas where regular smoke alarms are not recommended, for example in kitchens, rooms with fire places, boiler rooms or garages. The »guardion CO/temp« triggers in case of unusually increased room temperature or an increased carbon monoxide value in the air and sends an alarm signal to the respective Humantechnik alerting systems.


»signolux« receiver alarm clock: now with display deactivation

Already the previous standard of the display brightness of the »signolux« receiver alarm clock included a night mode.

With the new selectable dark mode, the display remains completely unlit until the set wake-up call. In addition, pess any of the function keys and the display briefly activates and goes out again after a minute.


New acoustic transmitter for »visuTone.air«

In addition to the doorbell button included as standard in the »visuTone.air« set, an acoustic transmitter will also be available very soon.

Via a connected acoustic sensor, the new transmitter picks up the ringing tone of a telephone or the chime of a doorbell and sends a wireless signal to the "visuTone.air" display unit (receiver). The acoustic transmitter with ready-to-connect acoustic sensor can be ordered as an accessory from the beginning of 2023. A set with acoustic transmitter and receiver will alsobe available.


»signolux »Receiver-T«: practical, steadfast, hardly larger than a drinks can - but unmissable.

The Receiver-T alerts through a bright surround-light, strong tones (with adjustable volume) and coloured LED-lit event icons. Due to its rechargeable battery, it can be placed anywhere in your space, indepentenly from power sockets. Now available

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Configure alerting systems individually – with the online assistance modules.

The online assistance modules for customised configuration of the »signolux« and »lisa« alerting systems support you with advice, component selection, preparation of cost estimates and ordering.

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»SmartShaker 3« vibrating pad, wirelessly programmable via smartphone app

For people who use their smartphone as an alarm clock: »SmartShaker 3« is an independent (!) vibrating pad that can be programmed via Bluetooth using the smartphone. Once programmed, it follows the corresponding alarm settings independent from the phone. The smartphone app is available free of charge in the respective app stores for Android and iOS.

Available now!


»visuTone.air« – the wireless flashing doorbell set

»visuTone.air« is a ready-to-connect RF-connected flashing doorbelll set consisting of a doorbell button (transmitter) and a receiver which produces bright light flashes and/or loud sounds. When the doorbell button is triggered - mounted next to or instead of the existing doorbell - it transmits a radio signal to the receiver.


The new vibration sensor for lisa and Signolux

The sensor is placed on a flat-lying mobile phone or tablet. The vibration of an incoming call or notification is picked up by the sensor, which triggers a signal from the attached acoustic transmitter. The monitored device must be set to vibration.
Available now!

For acoustic lisa transmitters und signolux Universal Acoustic Transmitter

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»signolux« – the white series

Most components of the alerting system »signolux« are now also available in white, along with the previous design.

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