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Now available: »guardion«, the new smoke detector by Humantechnik.

Just like the previous detector, the new 10-year-life smoke detector »guardion« fufills all requirements from the vfdb-directive 14-01 and has been certified according to VdS 3131.

This allows »guardion« to bear the »Q« quality label. This label is only granted to smoke detectors with 10 years of battery life and which cover the directives of the extended quality and safety standards of the "Vereinigung zur Förderung des Deutschen Brandschutzes e.V" (German Association for Fire Protection, registered society).

»sonumaxx BT« – Three features in a single Bluetooth-System: TV-listening, telephone headset and communication amplifier. All in your prefered volume.

More than just a TV listening system: More versatility, more convenience

»sonumaxx-BT« brings crystal clear sound directly to your ears: Perfect understanding even if the TV's volume is on a minimum or completely switched off*, so that nobody is disturbed.

The »sonumaxx-BT«'s Bluetooth technology keeps you in touch with your smartphone. An incoming call is transmitted automatically to the »sonumaxx-BT« receiver. By pressing the phonebutton, you accept the call - and your »sonumaxx-BT« becomes a telephone headset.

Switch to conversation: If you want to join in on a conversation in the room, just press the amplifier button and »sonumaxx-BT« serves as a communication amplifier. [product page]


»sonumaxx-2.4« listen to your TV in top-notch stereo sound - set as you prefer it - and apart from that, have clear understanding in conversations.

»sonumaxx-2.4« is available in two different receiver versions: a) with a stethoscope receiver and b) with a handy pocket receiver.

With an adjustable volume of up to 120 dB, »sonumaxx-2.4« shines with a well-balanced and clear sound. The 2.4 GHz transmission frequency between transmitter and receiver is very resistant against interference.

A special feature of the »sonumaxx 2.4«-receiver is the possibility to switch from your TV to communication by the touch of a button. An inbuilt microphone then picks up the sound of the environment and »sonumaxx-2.4« amplifies it . [Product page]


»SmartShaker 2«

Bluetooth-vibrating pad

Ideal for people who use their smartphone as an alarm clock or timer, but wish for a stronger vibration than the one built in to the phone.

»SmartShaker 2« alerts with particularly powerful vibrations.

Easy control via a free and easy-to-use app, available for Apple iOS and Android in the respective app stores.

Gateway for smartphones

»lisa« and »signolux« display events on the smartphone!

Gateway for smartphones: All alerts from the wireless alerting systems »lisa« and »signolux« can be received anywhere at any time.

Humantechnik's wireles alerting systems have become even better at communication. Humantechnik will shortly be offering its app »Humantechnik Alerts« for Apple iPhone and Android in the respective app stores. The gateway hardware transmitts the events indicated by the »lisa RF« and »signolux« over the internet directly to the smartphone of their users. [more about lisa Gateway] / [more about signolux Gateway]


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