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The lisa plug-to-plug system

A lisa alerting system consists of at least one transmitter and one receiver. The transmitter picks up the sound of a certain source - for example the ringing of the telephone or the doorbell - and transmitts it as an information signal to the receiver. The receiver displays the signal as a visually recogniseable alert - in this case as bright flashes, compareable to the flash of a camera. Fotokamera.

By the way, the name »lisa« comes from an abbreviation of the German term "Licht-Signal-Anlage" (signal-light-system).

From plug to plug

The lisa plug-to-plug system makes use of the building's mains outlet network as a medium for the transmission of the information signals. Transmitters and receivers are equipped with a plug, which holds them in place and also provides the electric power for the devices. The transmitters are placed in proximity of the sound source intended for monitoring. Transmitter and sound source - for example the telephone - are connected by special cables and the receivers are placed within the room, in which the visual alert is to be seen.

The signal transfer between transmitter and receiver is made by means of the existing electrical house wiring from »plug-to-plug«.

Some »lisa« devices differ in being equipped with an own outlet. They are larger in size, but they have a benefit: They do not block an outlet. The electric power from the used outlet is put through to the inbuilt outlet, which can be used to power other electric devices.

How the plug-to-plug system works:


Please note:

Using your home's elctricity grid to convey internet data (PowerLAN, Homeplug) can seriously interfere with the lisa plug system!

If data transmission by PowerLAN is installed, we strongly recommend using the lisa FM system or Signolux instead.


Specific countries:

The lisa plug-to-plug system can be used in countries which have mains outlets of the following types:

Type E (French) CEE 7/6 plug & CEE 7/5 socket
Type F (German "Schuko" SEV) CEE 7/4 plug & CEE 7/3 socket.

The countries featured in the following list may be supplied with the necessary outlets, in any case check prior to ordering:

Albania (F)
Austria (F)
Belgium (E)
Bosnia and Herzegovina (F)
Bulgaria (F)
Croatia (F)
Denmark (E)
Estonia (F)
Finland (F)
France (E)
Georgia (F)
Germany (F)
Greece (F)
Hungary (F)
Iceland (F)
Latvia (F)
Lithuania (F)
Luxembourg (F)
Macedonia (F)
Monaco (E)
Montenegro (F)
Netherlands (F)
Norway (F)
Poland (E)
Portugal (F)
Romania (F)
Russia (F)
Serbia (F)
Slovakia (E)
Slovenia (F)
Spain (F)
Sweden (F)
Turkey (F)
Ukraine (F)




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